Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yes, May was a few months back, but here are a few things from that month.  

A friend of my sister wanted to get her neighbors a gift for their sweet baby girl....got that?!?  Haha, anyway, Racheal decided to go for a bow holder & I coordinated it with the baby's lady bug bedding.  

 These frames were gifts to Emory's grandmothers for Mother's Day.  Brittany told me a little bit about the decor in their homes & then I just went from there.  I love the 2 different greens...Green is my "it" color right now.  Who know's if it's actually in, but I'm loving it.

 And here we have another owl frame for a birthday party.  Soooooo popular for little girls.

 Another friend, ordered a step stool for her nephew for his first birthday.  I hope Camden is enjoying it!!

What else happened in May?  My little brother, Brad, graduated from Louisiana Tech!  We are very happy to add another Tech alumni to the family :)

We had a little get together at our house after graduation.  Here's David Scott & our close friend, Alicia, hanging out on the patio while the boys grill.

Then came picture time!  Here's the grad with Mom.

Sibling picture.  Me, Brad & Sarah.  Please excuse the way we/I look.  It was a loooong day & the humidity was out of control, which meant my hair was out of control.  Not sure why I was the only one blessed with the frizzy hair genes...  Also, please note, Mom took this picture.  I looked at this on my camera after she took it & her excuse was that she didn't have her reading glasses on...funny how that affects picture taking.

The whole fam.  This picture cracks me up.  Dusty is just along for the ride.  I look like I really need to pee.  David is questioning why he chose to be in this family.  Brad is ready to be done with the picture taking.  Mom is loving life.  Sarah is just happy to be there.  Scotty is also questioning his decision to be a part of this madness.  And sweet little David Scott is wondering why all those people behind the camera are acting like idiots...which obviously didn't have any affect on him as he is not smiling.
Overall, it was a good celebration & we had fun visiting with friends & family.  

On another note, I wanted to go ahead & let everyone know that I am not taking any orders that are due between now & the end of the year.  So sorry!!  Christmas is a huge season for my business but I knew trying to do all of that & have a newborn would stress me out.  I should be back at it after the first of the year, though. 

I do have a few holiday items in inventory that I've painted in the past & have thought about having a blog sale for some of those things...I'll keep you posted on that!