Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random Sunday...

 No artsy pics today, just a bunch of pictures from my phone.  

About a month or so ago, Sarah had to come to Ruston to meet with a client.  I so graciously agreed to babysit my sweet nephew, David Scott.  We went to the pool for a short while & he really enjoyed it...especially when Joanna shared Georgia's snacks with him & he proceeded to steal them all.

The pregnant one in the family (that's me) has thoroughly enjoyed the local fresh fruits & veggies this summer.  Dusty has a nice "garden" of tomatoes & squash & they have been delicious.  I've hit up the farmer's market & side of the road stands many times & always manage to bring home a watermelon.  After we cut it up & put the bowl in the refrigerator, we let Deuce eat the rest.  He LOVES watermelon (just like his mama & gran) & will eat every bit of red until he gets to the rind.  He ate all three pieces in this pic :)

I've been trying very hard not to go overboard buying clothes for the baby, but every now & then, I see something I can't turn away from.  For those who don't know us personally, Dusty is a huge fan of the outdoors.  He's obsessed with hunting, loves to fish, etc...basically fits right in with the "sportsman's paradise" that is Louisiana.  A few weeks ago, Smocked Auctions popped up on my Facebook page with this little beauty & I had to get it.  I knew my baby daddy would be so excited!  I couldn't wait for it to come in & as soon as it did, I snapped a pic to send to him.  Baby boy will look so cute in it during next year's deer hunting season.
 I was not compensated for mentioning Smocked Auctions...I could only wish :)

A few weekends ago, we had to go to Baton Rouge for an engagement party for a close friend.  We stayed with Sarah, Scotty & David Scott.  David Scott really enjoys looking at the pictures of Deuce & Suzy on my phone but gets really tired of the paparazzi taking his picture.  He's just so cute.

This is Dusty on the way home from Baton Rouge.  Thanks, co-pilot.

And here's Deuce & Suzy one evening last week after we had been playing.  I bet they feel so neglected.  It's just so hot here, even late evening, that we rarely go outside to play with them.  They play all the time, but I know they love for us to come out there & have a little fun too. 

I'm such a geek.  All this back to school hype got me a little depressed that I have no need for school supplies anymore.  I always loved this time of year & getting more organized.  I saw a great deal online & decided to take advantage of it & get this Erin Condren Life Planner.  I am in love!  Being a super organized (borderline OCD) person, this makes me so happy.  When personalizing it, I decided not to put any first names on there since Baby Boy doesn't have one yet & I went with a design that wasn't too girly.  She's got some great products so check out the site.
Once again, I was not compensated for mentioning Erin Condren..If only :)

I almost forgot to mention that I got our family blog set up & Dusty decided he wanted dibs on the first post.  He's a good writer & always funny so I really want him to write more.  He says he will only do it if we have at least 50 followers.  Help me out here!  You can get to it by clicking here.

I go to the doc tomorrow for my glucose test (yuck) & to see sweet Baby Boy again.  Maybe I'll post an updated pic of him this week.  Have a great one!

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