Monday, May 9, 2011

My, my, my....

Shame on me for going soooo long in between posts!  I promise I have a good excuse but for now, I'll do my last Christmas post.  Yes, it's May & I'm still writing about Christmas, but who cares!  If it isn't obvious, I'm way behind on posting so expect to see a lot of new posts coming soon!

This bow holder was given to sweet Anniston from her Aunt Meg. I highly recommend Lindsey's blog, if you don't read it already.  They have been through a lot in the last couple of years & Lindsey is an inspiration.  She is so sweet & loves the Lord & it shows in her writing.  Check it out!

Jessie already had this rocking chair for Olivia, but wanted to jazz it up a little.  So it went from plain white to this!  I love pink & green together :)

Oh, I had so much fun with this!  At Cedartown, I was approached by Anna who said she wanted me to paint something for her on glass.  I told her I had never done it before, but I never turn down a challenge.  She gave me an idea of what she wanted & the colors of her room & this is the finished product.  I love it!  It's dainty & fun at the same time & the colors are so pretty together!

Here's a close-up

This is it hanging in her room.  If you want more information about your own glass painting, contact me!

This was a special Christmas order.  This table & chair set was given to sweet David Scott from his Boo & Uncle Dusty.  I've gone from "Auntie Boo" to just "Boo" because it's easier (& more fun) for him to sayI'm totally fine with that...he can call me whatever he wants!  I found this set at Kool Kids last March for $15 (crazy!).  It was plain wood & had lots of crayon marks & stains, but I bought it anyway knowing I would paint something on it for him.  Sarah, my sister, told me what she wanted & here it is!  We decided to keep it simple so that it can be used when she has other kids, too.

I think he likes it :)

And just because he is such a cutie, here's another sweet pic:

Hope you enjoyed the last Christmas post!  Like I said earlier, I'm way behind so I'll be posting a lot more stuff soon.  Have a great Monday!!


  1. I love how the glass thing turned out! and of course, I'd already seen (and still love) the table and chairs for DS...

  2. Yay! I was waiting on a new post. You need to show some of your recent projects...also, DS still loves his table and chairs. I won't let him color on it, though, b/c I don't want it to get messed up. :)

  3. ds' table turned out so cute!

  4. It was so good to see you yesterday, Rachel! You have done some awesome things! Loove the bow holder you made for Anniston! You did such a great job. And thank you for your sweet words, too :). Also, I'm pretty jealous of David Scott's table and chairs...been looking for a set, and that's so cute. Cannot believe you got it for such a great deal. Hope you have a good week! :)

  5. yay! an update! I've been stalking your blog waiting for one:)I love love love the table and chairs!