Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Christmas orders!!

Thinking I was done??  Oh no...I was very busy this Christmas!  I am so grateful for all the business I had at Christmas & since then.  Keep those orders coming!!

 Lindsi in Oklahoma ordered a canvas for her parents who had just redone their living room.  She sent me the fabric swatches & I painted this to coordinate with their new furniture.

Another ornament!  

Tristyn's new step stool with a preppy alligator on the side.  

 Tucker & Allyson got new bedding for their rooms in their new home so they needed some new artwork, too!  Tucker chose the digital camo bedding.

Allyson picked the floral burst bedding, but we went with dots on the canvas so it wouldn't be too busy.  Their bedding came from Wal-Mart. won't let you copy pictures so if you want to see pics, just go to their site.  Side note - I was really impressed with some of the bedding I saw on of cute stuff!

Mrs. Kavanaugh is a teacher at Cedar Creek School (colors are green & gold) here in Ruston.  I tried out something new on her sign....chalkboard paint!  The black paint underneath her name is chalkboard paint so she can write notes on it.  She was pretty excited!

Things around here are still busy, which I love.  I have lots of orders that I've completed recently & a lot that I'm currently working on.  I think I'll only have one more Christmas post & then I'll be talking about more recent stuff!

I think everyone will agree with me, but I am loving the weather around here lately.  It has been so beautiful & I'm glad Spring will officially be here on Sunday.  It's a welcome change!


Also, it's not too early to start shopping.... Mother's Day is May 8th!  The Peek-A-Bootique is the perfect place to get a unique gift for your Mother, Mother-in-Law, Grandmother, wife (you never know... there may be some guys that read this!), etc.  Don't waste any time, get your orders in today!