Wednesday, August 18, 2010's been a while!

Yes, I'm still here...just wondering where the last 4 weeks went!  I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post.  I have lots to share so I'll just dive right in.....

I have recently discovered that the Delilah bedding from Cocalo Couture is very popular.  You may remember this post from a few months ago. The design I did for that canvas got some attention & I got more orders for the exact same one!  What's weird is that I got all 3 of these orders in the same week.  Two of them e-mailed me within minutes of each other wanting the same thing!  I guess great minds do think alike.

Here is the bedding to refresh your memory:

Order #1 - 24x30 with a bow holder

Order #2 - 16x20

Order #3 - 24x36 with a bow holder
I stole these last two pictures from Facebook. Thanks, Ashley!!  The nursery looks wonderful!

The Harlow bedding is very popular, too.  In addition to this & the other Harlow orders I've completed, I've got a canvas monogram set & bow holder that will be delivered at the end of the month & 2 more big canvases that I'm currently working on...whew!

This post was seen by Beverly & she decided she needed one just like it.  

Here's the bedding again:

24x48 canvas with bow holder

I've had a few orders for teacher signs.  This is the only one I can post a picture of right now, but will post the others asap.  The sides are multi-colored stipes.  Hope your first day of school is great, Miss Comeaux!

On a personal note, in the last month:

I got to see this cutie-patootie.....
David Scott, Auntie Boo cannot believe you are 9 months old today.....
 You will soon be a little boy & not just a baby & I want to cry about it...
I wish you could stay this age forever....
 But I know you will be just as cute as each new month passes!

Deuce & Suzy "caught" an armadillo.  They really thought they had accomplished something!  This is one of the MANY that have been tearing up my flower beds.   Dusty & a friend hauled it off to a land far, far away & I hope it doesn't find it's way back...we've got enough.  By the way, I've never been close to one of these things before & I almost vomited when the stench of it finally hit me....they're so gross!!!

We attended The Happening, which is a LA Tech alumni event.
 We had dinner & enjoyed great speakers including LA Tech alum, Terry Bradshaw, who is hilarious!
Photo courtesy of

We decided last minute to take a weekend vacation to Arlington to see the Rangers play.  We go to a game each year & didn't have any free weekends earlier in the summer...when it was "cool."  We realized this weekend was free of obligations so we got some tickets for Friday & Saturday night & were on our way!
It was a much needed getaway & our seats were fantastic...& in the shade!

It's crazy that it's already time for kids to go back to school.  It seems like just yesterday everyone was getting out for the summer & now it's over.  Not that I mind the fact that we're getting closer to cooler weather & more importantly, Christmas!  It will be here before we know it & speaking of, I want to let all of you know my deadline for Christmas orders is:

***November 15***

But of course, the sooner the better!

Have a great week!