Thursday, July 22, 2010

For this child...

Emily is having her first baby within the next 2 weeks & I know she was so excited to get her nursery finished last weekend. When I met with Emily, she gave me a picture of the bedding & some fabric swatches.

Stella bedding from

Since her initials were being monogrammed on the bedding, Emily wanted a Bible verse on the big canvas. I love this verse for a nursery!

She also wanted a bow holder.
And a white picture frame painted green with pink dots & some distressing.

This is Emily's whole package.  She sent me some pictures of the canvas above her crib but Blogger isn't letting me add those...maybe another time...

This was done for Sandy who is expecting Alex soon.  She had a shower this past weekend & this was the gift from the hostesses.  This is the nursery bedding:

James bedding from

I took the stripes from the skirt & used it in the canvas.

Hope you two soon-to-be mothers are happy with your new nursery decor!


  1. I love those! ALL of them! We need to come up with something really cute for my step-stool!

  2. i love, love, LOVE that girl one. the font is so cute! i need to get you olivia's rocking chair to do for christmas. i know it's early. maybe you could just store it for me until then?!?! ha!

  3. I agree with Jessie-- the font on the Bible verse is so cute! Good job, Boo Boo!

  4. Oh my goodness! those are adorable! You are so talented Rachel! I love them all! :-)