Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few Happies...

I've been super busy lately, but that's how I like it!  

Little G was so excited to get a bulletin board & step stool from the Easter Bunny.  Isn't that thoughtful?!?
I can do many different sizes so e-mail or call if you have questions.  This is a 22"x35"

From what I hear, G loves her new step stool!  In case you were wondering, these were painted with gender neutral colors, with only the last name so future kids can use them, too. 

These two were painted for a Mississippi State Fan (obviously, ha!).  She liked my Louisiana Tech canvases & decided she needed them, but for her school.  Dusty was a student at Miss State for 6 weeks & then decided grad school wasn't really for him the day before I was supposed to move to there...which was also my sister's wedding was chaotic.  I have fun telling the story of that weekend!  Maybe I'll share later...

If you've never been, Starkville is a cute little place (very similar to Ruston) & the Miss State campus is incredible.  I was really looking forward to living there, but if Dusty was moving home there was no way I was living there alone....even if I did have a fab job lined up!  I sometimes wonder how different our lives would be had he stayed...but everything happens for a reason!

How could I not add a picture of this handsome guy?!?  Yes, he is wearing the same outfit from the previous post, but hey, Sarah's getting her money's worth!

DS: "Wassup girl..."
Olivia: "Ugh...boys."

Pretty much everyone I know that has a blog, blogs about their kids.  Well I don't have any human kids yet, but these four-legged "kids" really keep us entertained.  By the way, at least once a week, someone tells me that they thought the "Inside Dogs" post was hilarious & I should mention the sweet pups more.  Don't really have any great Deuce & Suzy stories right this moment, but here are some pictures.  I thought these bushes were really pretty so I decided to take their "portraits" in front of them.

Suzy was up first.  One picture & I'm done with her...which is strange because usually she is the one that doesn't want to mind you!

Sweet Suzy

And now it's time for Deuce!  This didn't go so well!  He is a good listener, but if there is a ball anywhere close & you are preventing him from getting to it, he will be difficult (I was holding his ball hostage for the photo shoot).  So here are a few of the pictures I took of him.....

I think I caught him at the end of a bark...which is why there is slobber on the bottom of the lens.  And I didn't realize it until after the photo shoot so there is a blurry spit spot on all the pics!

This is when I started dangling a rawhide bone above the camera thinking he would sit still for .0013 seconds.

That didn't work...

Maybe I started to threaten him???

Maybe he understood me & I got a semi-good picture of him????

And then they were gone to devour the deliciousness that is a rawhide bone.


  1. This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


  2. No kids for us either:). And no that Dugdale stool!

  3. I love it all! Your bulletin board and stool and of course all of your photos!! Love the photoshoot with your dog!!