Monday, February 1, 2010

Inside Dogs

You know something isn't right when you come home to find this in your yard

And this in your garage

And this in your kitchen

And this in your dining room

And this in your bedroom

And these sweet angels running in & out of the house super excited to see you.
(Obviously this wasn't taken the day of "The Incident"...the green grass gives it away, but I thought it was a cute pic of my babies.)  

Yes, the door to our house was WIDE OPEN almost all day & no, it wasn't a burglar (that looks weird spelled out)...It was Deuce & Suzy.  You see, Deuce (the bigger one) has a habit of "checking" every door when we come inside.  He will hit it with his paw just once to see if it will open....well, this time it did & I'm sure they were ecstatic.

(I wanted it to be Dusty's fault sooo bad, but unfortunately, it was mine.  I thought I shut the door completely.... obviously I didn't!  Oh well, I guess I'm allowed one mistake!)

To Deuce & Suzy,

Thank you for only tearing up the toilet paper & bag of trash.  You could have very easily chewed on any of our rugs, throw pillows, curtains, bedding and/or furniture.  We hate that Dad had to "get on to you" (aka shake a finger at you a few times) for what you thought was a fantastic day experiencing how the other half lives (inside dogs).  We're sure you would be ok with that life, but you love being outside doggies with all the smells, sights & sounds that our yard has to offer.  We have grounded you for a week, but you will never know the difference as you will keep chasing squirrels, digging holes, burying bones & playing with your red ball.

Mom & Dad

P. S. Happy Birthday, Deuce!!  We cannot believe you will be 2 on Tuesday.  You are much bigger now than the day you graced our lives with your presence, but you are still as cute...excuse me...still as handsome!

And just to be fair, here is a photo of Suzy from the day she joined our little family


  1. OH MY! How funny, yet I'm sure very frustrating! They sure had a fun day didn't they!?!

    They are both very sweet & adorable!

  2. that sucks! at least it was only the trash!

  3. Hilarious! Way to go, Deuce and Suzy! I hope you learned your lesson.

  4. Oh my gosh!! That stinks!!! But I have to admit all the pics are quite funny! :-)