Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yay!! He's here!!!

So, I'm thinking that I may be a little crazy about this new baby that has just joined our family, but he is sooooo cute!!! It was very hard, but I had to wait until Sarah updated her blog before I could update mine. Here is the sweetest picture of David Scott from Wednesday night. He is about 7 hours old in this picture & I'm very proud to say that I took this as my picture taking skills are often lacking!

I bet he's thanking God that he has such a great Aunt Boo! Or at least that's what I'll keep thinking:)

Anyway, Sarah had an excellent labor & delivery & I'm pretty sure a lot of her friends are not too happy with her right now because of it!! I know when the time comes for me to have a baby, I can only hope that it goes as smoothly for me.

I was able to give Sarah a couple of her canvases the morning of David Scott's birthday & both she & Scotty were very excited to see them. This one is now above his crib:

This one was originally going over his dresser, but I think they have decided to put it somewhere else:

Did I mention that I'm not the greatest picture taker?!? I guess I will have to sharpen those skills by taking tons of photos of the baby! Haha, good excuse, huh??

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  1. I FINALLY hung the 3 canvas monogram you did for Olivia, this weekend! They look awesome above her bookshelf!